Looking for a way to spruce up your home this fall? Look no further than lacquered walls. If you’ve ever subscribed to Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, or Traditional Home, chances are you’ve come across lacquering and have maybe even dog-eared the page.

Lacquered walls give your interior a “glossy” finish. If done right, a lacquered wall should be able to give off a minor reflection.

Although the process of lacquering tends to be more expensive than applying the average coat of paint, the price difference is worth it. Not only will you achieve an eye-catching and timeless design, but your lacquered walls will come out more durable than walls with a traditional coat of paint. Households with children: markers and other messes clean off of lacquer easy!

Overall, this home design trend is a great way to add glamour to a tired space. In need of more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest page for more great ways to integrate lacquer into your home this season:

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