Hudson Square has been transforming for years, but with the commitment from Disney and Google to build campuses here, we see the neighborhood as one of Manhattan’s best investment opportunities (Full disclosure, we also live in Hudson Square). Google's expansion into Hudson Square alone is estimated to generate 7,000 jobs, while Disney's new campus is estimated to house upwards of 4,000 employees. This influx of jobs is likely to create a greater need for Hudson Square residential real estate.

Since we moved here in 2005, we have seen nearly every empty lot and parking lot built into a new luxury residential condominium, commercial building or hotel. Services have started to come our way. And more condos are coming – two new projects on Greenwich Street are nearing completion.

Hudson Square has been rezoned opening the gates for even more development. The area is bordered by Hudson Square park which runs along the river and offers parks and playgrounds, restaurants and walkways – bike paths and piers with beach volleyball and even mini-golf. The stretches of Hudson Street, once clogged with traffic and devoid of pedestrians, are now tree-lined and becoming populated with stores and restaurants.

We have loved living here since we arrived, but as we see change, we are even happier and encourage those who have not yet considered the area to come take a look. We see an uptick in sales in the neighborhood, and have personally closed at least 5 sales in Hudson Square in recent months. If you’re considering a burgeoning new neighborhood, please visit our Hudson Square listing below.

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